Define the counseling

Counseling is assistance, guiding clients by bringing much-needed change to their lives. While personal and theoretical approaches may vary, a professional counselor will naturally begin by building a relationship with the client before being sympathetic to their condition and their reason for looking for help. They can then explore how to move forward and assist the client in moving their thinking, emotional replies, and behavior.

Five stages of the counseling process

Five stages of the counseling process
Five stages of the counseling process

Step 1: Relationship Building

The first step involves building a relationship and focuses on engaging clients to explore an issue that directly affects them. The first interview is important because the client is reading the verbal and nonverbal message and makes inferences about the counselor and the counseling situation.

Step 2: Problem Assessment

While the counselor and the client are in the process is established a relationship, a second process is taking place. Ex: Problem assessment. This step involves the collection and classification of the client’s life situation and reasons for seeking counseling.

Step 3: Goal setting

Goals remain the outcomes or results that clients requirements to realize at the conclusion of counseling. Goals would be designated and clear with care. Goals should be definite in obvious and assessable terms, possible, within the variety of the counselor’s knowledge about the counseling methods and skills.

Step 4: Intervention & problem solving

There is a different points of view concerning what a good counselor should do with clients depending on the theoretical positions that the counselor subscribes to. The behavioral approach attempts to initiate

Step 5: Valuation, follow-up, termination

For the counselor who is beginning, it is problematic to consider dismissing the counseling procedure, as they are additionally concerned with starting the counseling process. However, all counseling positive termination. Purposes towards terminating the counseling process will obligate to be led with compassion with the client means that it will have to a conclusion.

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